29 January 2008


It's amazing how you'll connect with people. Like some people you try very hard to be friends with and it just doesn't work. If there is a line you can cross, you will if there is a way to get offended, you will find it. Then with some people you just click and its instant friendship.

I've taken some time to try to think what makes it so much easier to be friends with some people and not others and the funny thing is, there isn't any "thing" that is the magic recipe. Its really weird. There are people I'm friends with that have habits that completely annoy me and its okay and yet those same habits will keep me from being friends with someone else.

My mother would say that its some form of astrological compatibility but if that's the case, then why am I not friends with everyone from a certain sign.

I am a Scorpio and my boyfriend is a Scorpio so why am I not then friends with all Scorpios...because I will tell you, there are some Scorpios out there that would most certainly like to sting in the back. My sister is a Sagittarius and I get along great with her, how come I can't stand this twat in my class that's a sag!

So it's definitely not that the stars are lined up. Sometimes its not even that we have anything in common, we just happen upon each other and click. Friends.

One thing I do know, as I get older I get less and less concerned with trying too hard for a friendship. I guess I was more or less raised that anything worth doing is worth doing right and anything worth having is worth fighting for, but when it comes to friends it gets to the point where you just say. Enough is Enough, time to move on.

So today I'm thankful for connections. They remind me that sometimes it really IS that easy. They also remind me that sometimes, its time to let go.

12 January 2008


So I went to the doctor today and everything is okie dokie. He does want me to try the armour thyroid out for another month and if this isn't keeping me steady then he's going to switch me back to synthroid. I don't quite know yet how I feel about that. I really was hoping that I could be on the armour and it would coax my thyroid into more normal function and I could cut back or eliminate the need for meds.

Instead, I'm all over the board. One week my thyroid is high, the next week its low. They are having a really hard time keeping it regulated so I'm going to just keep on with the armour and if its not better in a month, I'm going to go ahead and switch to Synthroid.

Sometimes my armour dosage will be really high and I'll lose weight like crazy and then I go get blood drawn and they adjust my meds and boom I'll gain ten pounds. It's too depressing and just causing me to not be able to get this under control.

Anyway, I'm excited that everything else is cleared up! Woo Hoo!