22 March 2008


It is funny how judgmental I can be while thinking I'm not judgmental. More on this later, for now, I sleep..

There are people in some of my classes that I am a total judgmental bitch about and yet I find myself claiming not to be judgmental. I think it is interesting and alarming to me at the same time.

I wonder if we can ever truly be nonjudgmental. I mean there has to be a line somewhere that someone can cross and we say...okay that's enough. For instance, there is a heavy girl in a class I am in. She is extremely overweight...and a total cunt. I see her judging everyone else for not doing something she thinks they should do and then I want to just go up to her and call her a fat ass lol. Even though I am heavy myself I just get pissed off at her.

Anyway...is that judgmental especially since I am heavy? Maybe not, maybe I'm just calling a fat bitch a fat bitch. I dunno...

10 March 2008

Its that Final time again!

Ugh I hate finals! All this studying and professors acting like their final is the onliest final in the world that you would have to study for. You can't possibly have any other classes at all in the world!


I'm particularly upset about my Geography final because its a LOT of information to have to remember about all of these hugely different places.

Today I have two finals and then I'm done! Just need to finish my English paper and then I can sit back and relax. Maybe take a bath.

I'm hoping for a C in Geography...yes, that IS how bad this final will be.

09 March 2008


You know you tell yourself that the day will come when someone is going to hit you upside the head with something you weren't expecting that rocks your world, but I never expected it to come from my eight year old.


02 March 2008

Why is it so hard

There is no question sometimes life is extremely hard. This week for me has been so difficult. Difficult to believe in what is important to me, difficult to remember who I want to be when I grow up ;), and then on top of all of it, my computer completely died.


It is so easy to get caught up in the drama. To get sucked into the perma pity party that we'd all like to throw for ourselves from time to time. What makes it hard is to persevere. To hang on when your arms are shaking from exhaustion. To take one more step and then one more and then one more..

Because then, when you push through and you're on the other side, you can marvel at your strength, learn your important lessons, and appreciate how awesome life is when it isn't so hard.