14 July 2008

I think I can I think I can

One week left. I feel like the little train that could...chugging up the hill hoping to make it to the top in time to see the sun set.

I am in my final week and finals on monday and then I am done for this term.

I feel like I am still waiting for my summer to start. I want to get the house done and some paperwork done and then I have my weeklong camping trip to festival...weee...just have to make it through this week...

I think I can.

09 July 2008

One of those days

I am having one of those days...you know what I am talking about.

It started when I decided that I would go ahead and go to school a little late to enjoy my morning shower a little longer. Then I couldn't find a top to wear...then Audrial called and there was no way I wasn't taking the call.

By the time I made it out to the car I had 7 minutes to get 20 minutes down the road. I get around to the driver's side...flat tire....

Get to school 23 minutes late climb out of the car..gush..yes that would be me bleeding through my shorts...its not even 8:30 yet!!

Sigh....trying to keep high spirits and tell myself that nobody looks at my ass close enough to see the tiny blood spot...

Yes it is definitely one of those days.

05 July 2008

Live Green

You know how the whole world has become suddenly environmentally conscious and we're all focused on putting back what we take?

How about doing that with people?

How about we stop taking more from people than we're willing to give? That'd be a great start. It would be fantastic if people would stop and say "If I was them, would this be fair?"

I think that you shouldn't expect more out of people than you're willing to do for or give to them. For instance, I will never eat onions for anyone, I would never expect someone to eat something for me. I don't expect people not to eat anything for me either, but I would do that for them. For instance if someone in my life was allergic to peanuts, I would cut peanuts out of my diet for them.

Anyway, so many people take everything they can from other people around them. Attention, time, love, caring, etc. They never put that back.

I think if you want to live "green" you should start first by being "green" with the people you love. Treat them like you want to be treated by them. Give them more than you take. Don't take too much and leave them a barren wasteland incapable of caring about other people because you've exhausted their resources.

Just a thought!