25 November 2009


Whether that is a word or not, by golly, I declare it to be one!

As I age (like a fine wine I might add) I am noticing more and more how much complete and total ridiculousness people expect you to swallow each day. Really? Really…you want me to swallow that…

Whatever happened to making the rules when we are adults? Why do we allow people to treat us like total crap? When did standing up for what is right become WRONG? When and why did being a good woman mean keeping your mouth shut?

I’m so tired …..so so tired. This is not the legacy I want to leave, this is not the life I want for my daughter. This is NOT possibly the way it is supposed to be…it just can’t be.

Life should be honesty, reality, friendship, caring, compassion, empathy, treating others like you want to be treated. That is what life should be. Not this…definitely not this.

I refuse….

I refuse to sit silent while entire populations of people are treated like second class citizens just because they don’t think the way you want them to, the way you think they should, or the way your Bible tells you they should. I refuse to sit silent while people are mistreated. I refuse to watch you treat your dogs better than you treat your fellow man (or woman). Refuse to sit silent.

I refuse….to sit…silent.


I won’t. I’m not going to. You will not beat me down, You will not buy my silence, you will not hunt me down and make me miserable in hopes of beating me into submission. I am not your dog.

I have a brain because I am meant to have my own thoughts, I have feet because I am meant to walk my own walk, I have two hands because I am meant to do my own work and most importantly I have a voice because I am meant to tell you to sit down, shut up, and stop making a fool of yourself.

If nothing else…if nothing more….if ALL else fails…my daughter will look at me and know that despite what people wanted from me, I did not stand silent, I did not sit silent, and I certainly did not roll over and sell out my values and my beliefs just so you could feel comfortable.

Tired of playing the game. Tired of being looked down on and talked shit about just because I don’t play by your rules. How come you don’t play by my rules? Mine are easier.

  1. Treat people how you want to be treated….this wasn’t taught to you in kindergarten?? I really thought people had this one down.
  2. Love everyone…everyone has qualities that you can love, if you can’t see them, it is because you’re an asshole, go try looking at rule 1 again.
  3. Be honest… this isn’t that hard, try it out. If you didn’t have an ethics class, I can forgive you for violating this one…if you didn’t learn it in school let me teach you right now….when you lie to someone, you injure them ethically. When you lie about someone, its worse. Don’t do it. Do you want people to lie to you or about you? No…okay see rule 1 again. It is okay, I promise, it really IS that easy.
  4. Close your mouth when you eat…sorry had to stick this one in here just because they’re my rules :P

Have a good night, a good Thanksgiving, and most importantly, a good life. You will find, when you treat people with respect, and dignity, your entire life will be happier. You will be fulfilled, and happy. Try it! What’s the worst that can happen? You won’t like it? You’re no worse off than you were when you started because I can guaranteed you….you’re not happy right now.