16 August 2010


I am sorry for being so horrible about updating this blog. For some reason, when I sit to post, I can't think of much to say even though things are very different in life. Some good, some bad, mostly very good.

So far, this year has definitely squashed 2009's drama and mess. That is definitely great.

I started a new internship in January working with MR/DD individuals in one of the counties here in Ohio. It was surprisingly more rewarding than I anticipated. I found myself really enjoying my work and anticipating returning each week.

My first year of grad school definitely left some permanent marks. I survived though...with my sense of humor still intact! Thankfully I had an awesome support team. My family was amazingly supportive and my friends were quick to respond with humor and hugs, both of which are very important in life.

My final week of internship I was offered a full time job in a different department for the company I was interning at. Dream come true! I didn't even realize how bad I wanted a job there until it was offered.

Now I am a Mental Health Case Manager for DD individuals. No two days are alike and I have yet to have a "boring" day. I love that my job changes every single day and I never know what the day will bring until I start it. Today for example was full of different clients that I don't even normally see on Mondays.

So to bring you completely up to date with what is going on in my world.

I am currently:
- Starting my final year of Grad School in a week
- Employed full time
- Still a mom! :)
- Buying a house

I'm sure this will be a whirlwind of fun and laughs, stay tuned if you dare :)