20 June 2011


Well 2011 has been a crazy time. I figured why update on Facebook or Twitter where I am limited to a certain text amount. So here I am with my massive update. Some of you may know what's been going on and some may not so if I bore you with the deets, sorry.

2011 started slow enough...for my pace. I was working full time going to school full time and interning part time. Then I needed a hysterectomy.

My surgery was Feb 4, I got fired from my job for having surgery Feb 8. Feb 21 I went in and was cleared for driving by my doctor, Feb 21 I left for Wisconsin because Dad was declining in health and on Feb 24, he passed. Funeral March 1, came back home and my former employer was fighting unemployment.

Originally they stated they would not be fighting unemployment because I was being released from work for medical reasons. Not only did they fight it, but they continue to fight it. They've appealed twice and now are requesting a hearing which I have later this month. RIDICULOUS. I am not in the habit of badmouthing companies because I understand what it is like when you have to put the hammer down on someone, but this company takes the cake. My first day of work with them was "here is your caseload go have fun, your supervisor is on vacation for a week." They expected me to work 14 hour days in order to meet their obscene requirements for productivity and then when I did do that my supervisor encouraged me to quit stating "This is costing you too much time with your family."

Regardless, they fired me for having surgery. First they stated they didn't fire me that I was medically unable to work. They lost that appeal. Then they stated they didn't fire me, I quit. They lost that appeal. NOW they are requesting a hearing stating that they did fire me, but it was for being a bad employee. Again...ridiculous.

I'm learning a lot though, I will say. I'm learning how not to treat people, how not to supervise, and how not to run a company. All good lessons. I am also learning patience.

I graduated from grad school May 5th. Thank you to everyone who came for the ceremony and shared in my excitement with me. It is a big scary world out there but now I have a masters degree to carry with me.

So the original goal was that I would take May off and focus on The Griffin Center. We were shooting for a June 1 opening in Canton, OH.

God had other plans.

In May my hard drive went on an unannounced vacation. There went my business plan that I had worked a year on. Thankfully I was able to recover that document from someone I had sent it to for a looksee. Also in May I received notice that my unemployment was again under review...(see above). So at the end of May I turn to Doug and say "Okay next week is it! My business plan is almost done, the 501c3 filing is almost ready (the state sent back a document that they needed fixed before I could proceed with that), I'm officially off of vacation next Tuesday!"

The next day, my ex loses his job. Bye bye child support, hello sheer terror and panic.

So now, I'm looking for work, putting Griffin Center on hold again (waiting for God's timing this time), my ex has moved into my house while he looks for work in Ohio, and life goes on!

Oh my hearing for unemployment is next week. I'm hoping to have a job by then. It would be nice to win though, but I'd rather not need unemployment at all. It is far more fulfilling to be working than it is to collect unemployment. This is only the second time in my life I've been on unemployment though and I have to say I am extremely grateful that it exists.

As for my former employer....I know God will handle their dishonesty and poor business practices...in his own time.

Thanks for hanging in there peeps...thanks for the support and prayers and love and thoughts and phone calls and offers for help. Each and every single one of you are all very appreciated and loved.