08 April 2008

Happy to see you fail

Someone I know recently failed a couple of classes so they weren't able to graduate when they claimed they were going to. Normally I would feel very bad, but in my opinion this person got exactly what they deserve. They have been condescending and downright judgmental to a lot of people. Not me personally, but yeah...a lot of people I know.

So today someone was talking to me in my psychology class about it and I got to thinking. Am I wrong to be glad that they failed? Because I am, very happy. I think its great to see this person taken down a couple of pegs so they can see and realize what it feels like to have everyone laugh at them while they struggle and flounder. You know, since they got so much enjoyment out of it in the past.

Anyway. I don't feel bad, in fact I'm happy. Happy to see you fail!