26 August 2013


Okay far enough out of re-entry that I feel I can post about fest. For those of you who have stumbled upon this blog or don't know me, or know me but live in a vacuum, Michfest is the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival www.michfest.com that occurs every August in Michigan. It is an amazing week of camping, workshops, music, and fun. (I don't attend workshops, don't judge)

So this year, I had what we call festie virgins with me. Two of my friends from Florida who flew up for the chance to experience a piece of heaven for one week. What a blast!!! We had so much fun and got to sit around and chat and be silly and laugh and cry and eat and enjoy music and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Fest this year was relatively drama free. I was able to spend a lot of time with my daughter which was amazing and meet up with friends each night for night stage which was so fun. The politics wasn't as prevalent as it has been in previous years, maybe because this year I chose to sit it out. No T shirts declaring a side, no color choices, no activism, just fest.

Some artists spoke from the stage, some didn't. It didn't make a statement about them if they didn't....and it didn't make a statement about them if they did....why? Because freedom of speech exists even in a private venue.

As to the intention of festival...I am okay with it changing. I don't understand and cannot picture HOW it can change without creating a mess of problems, but if it does change, and LV figures out how to navigate that issue, I will still return to fest.

Fest is too important to me to leave it behind simply because it changes. We all change. The only constant in life is change. If fest changes, I will still support it.

So that is that...fest was awesome. Re-entry was not :)

Be gentle!